In an old mountain town, beyond the stretches of the main road and outside the villageís boundaries, laid a path that led to many rivers.

A young woman who lived not far from the river showed favour to a man who fished the waters. They met at twilight each night and the maiden would show him the best places to fish for the morrows catch.

In time they fell very much in love and were soon to be wed with a ring the suitor gave as a promise.

On a fateful night, the fisherman appeared to the young maiden and for reasons unknown broke the engagement, taking back the ring. Stricken with grief the maiden plunged headlong into the river to her death.

When the fisherman heard the news he felt deep remorse and never took another lover. He lived to an old age and the ring never left his side. Some time later people claimed to have seen the maiden by the water where she once dwelled. They told stories of strange deaths around the river, perhaps from a curse due to the scorn she felt over her faithless lover.

Some say it is an enchantment she places in young menís hearts to throw themselves into the water to their death.

She haunts the grounds by the river and the bridge. She haunts young lovers with her enchantments and curses. The waters whisper her name, Naedelei.